Matteo (my long-distance sweetie) and I on why we’re polyamorous! | Brisbane Life Coach Leslie V.

Are there limits to love, happiness and desire? If so, where do these limits come from? If not, how can we live in a way that nurtures limitless happiness? In this video, I am joined by my amazing partner (the one I haven't yet met in person, not the one I'm married to 😉) to discuss why we are staunch in our choice to live an openly polyamorous lifestyle. Does the idea of living an ethically non-monogamous lifestyle interest you? Perhaps you are 100% monogamous and the thought of dealing with jealousy and insecurity in these contexts is a bit baffling. Whatever this video brings up for you, don't hesitate to reach out and have a chat 🙂 Visit to book a free life coaching consultation (online or in-person at 91 Commercial Rd. Teneriffe, QLD). In this video, we touch upon the personal and societal benefits of polyamory, how we met, and why we are staunch in our belief around ethical non-monogamy. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

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