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Are you looking for a no-nonsense approach to your personal development? Work with me to get unstuck, ignite your strengths, and forge a purpose-driven life!

What is your word for 2021?

Working with Leslie V has been such a pleasure. When I first started I was confused and unsure of where I was going with my business. I procrastinated on so many things, so therefore my business wasn’t moving forward. After sharing all the thoughts that were spinning around my head, Leslie was able to help me work through them and each week we created goals to work towards. By the end of our sessions, I have moved so much further forward in my business and I have clarity on where I’m going and what I want. I loved her energy and approach not to mention her lovely office where I felt so comfortable talking about the things that were really messing with me. Thank you, Leslie, you are truly the best life coach.

Nicola Rodrigues

I had Leslie help with some business productivity issues and she was amazing at working through them in a structured and methodical manner. She was very open to suggestions on how best to maximise the value from working together. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for anyone who needs an amazing coach! Reach out to her via her site/phone/smoke signal/carrier pigeon. You’ll be glad you did.

Don Gray

Leslie is a great coach! I’ve had the pleasure of attending her workshop and collaborating with her. Leslie is confident, knows her stuff and is a wonderful communicator. Her unique style provides a safe non-judgmental space for others to open up and be themselves.

Tania Emiliani

Leslie has a very non-judgemental, gentle but firm communication style, which made me feel very safe and comfortable opening up to her. I’ve always been turned off by a lot of the personal development resources out there, so working with Leslie and her straight forward and down-to-earth approach was such a relief. I fully recommend seeing Leslie if you want help figuring out the next step in your life and gaining more confidence!

Elissa Callaghan

I’ve never put much faith in life coaches, they always seemed to tell me that I needed goals of my own but they never helped me to actually form these aforementioned goals.
I was recommended to Leslie by a family member and I went in with the mindset that this would never work. However, Leslie’s openminded attitude and unwavering friendliness made it extremely easy to connect and open up to her. She helped me in the smallest ways but they made the biggest difference on my life.
10/10 would recommend seeing her!

Matisse Costello

Leslie made a difference in my life the moment we had our first phone call. With genuine compassion and respect, she helped me start thinking about questions I hadn’t considered, and encouraged me to keep moving forward when I didn’t know how. Having Leslie on my team has made all of the difference.

Amybeth Williamson

Coaching with Leslie enabled me to look into myself at my own beliefs which I took to be truths, and challenged me to look deeper. In doing this, I was able to see that I could break free of preconceptions that were holding me back. Leslie gave me the tools I needed to realise that I do not need ‘permission’ to be happy, and that creating clear boundaries is ok, and can lead to a happier, healthier life. I found Leslie to be a great listener, and her questions were really insightful, showing me that she was able to appreciate the essence of my meaning. Leslie, I wish you all the best in your future career! I am certain that with your skill and coaching, others will feel just as satisfied with the outcome as I do!


I was introduced to Leslie by a very good friend and the timing was perfect. I am in the early stages of creating my own business and working with Leslie has been fundamental to my business and personal growth. Leslie provides a safe and welcoming environment that enabled me to explore the true meaning of integrity and self-awareness.


After an illness that lingered long, years in fact, I found Leslie, who helped me find the momentum to step back into the real world again. The couch was no longer a healing station and life was calling! Leslie helped me to overcome some deep ‘stuckness’ shrouded in emotional scars, fear, uncertainty and an attachment to the safe and cosy cocoon I’d built. In her gentle, supportive and encouraging way, she empowered me to create exciting new pathways that are leading me out of my comfort zone and into a rich creative life.

Movement and momentum are Leslie’s forte’ and now they are mine! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Leslie!

Susan Ann Heron
Retired school teacher
Mother of four
Cancer Survivor

Sue Ann Heron

Leslie is an exceptional life coach. She has great tools and techniques to bring out ideas and thoughts and an incredible ability to assess situations. In a short time, she has helped me set achievable goals and manage my work-life priorities.


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