In short, my professional experience, education and family legacy are what set my coaching apart.

[see also: about Leslie V.]

My coaching is built on extensive professional experience as a trainer, educator, curriculum developer and workshop facilitator for businesses and universities in Australia, the US, Europe and Asia. In my most recent university role at Queensland University of Technology, I was a member of the Academic Board as the sole representative for the educators in my department. Before launching my private coaching practice, I spent years identifying the skill and performance gaps of students, educators, marketing personnel etc. and actively coaching them to success. In a past role at RMIT Training/RMIT University in Melbourne, I designed and trained staff (domestically and abroad) in the use of an eLearning platform as part of the curriculum development team.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Newcastle. You may be familiar with the concept of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), which is a popular method used in coaching which focuses on how our use verbal and non-verbal language impacts our beliefs and actions. Applied Linguistics is a far more in-depth approach to understanding the intricacies of human communication. Because of my deep connection with language, I do use NLP in my practice, but it is just ONE of the many tools in my coaching arsenal. One particular strength I’ve developed through my linguistics background is that I can immediately identifying the best communication style to use with my clients that will lead to solid results!

I hold a Cert IV in Life Coaching from the Life Coaching Institute of Australia, which is a registered training organisation providing courses recognised and approved by the Australian government. The program comprised 9 units of study focusing on methodologies used in coaching, psychology, counselling and other therapeutic practices. As part of my ongoing professional development, I regularly take part in practice sessions held alongside students of LCIA’s sister-school, the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.

My immediate family members are all in helping professions. My father was a mentor throughout his engineering career and now runs an engineering consultancy in the US. My sister has been a social worker for many years and is now making the transition to become a psychotherapist. My husband, former president of the Australian Parkour Association, has been a student and teacher of philosophy and now teaches Applied Positive Psychology. Our committment to ongoing examination of the behaviours and perceptions of humans is so strong, in fact, that we named our daughter after the philosophical concept of Qualia: raw sensory perceptions held by individuals that cannot be measured from person to person (think ‘is your Red like my Red?’)

I work with you to build a bespoke, personal curriculum for living a more fulfilling life!

First and foremost, I listen. I listen without judgement, assumptions or interruptions. I ask strategic questions of various types to help connect the dots between your words, ideas and behaviours in order to identify thoughts that may be blocking your progress in life or towards a particular goal. I also closely monitor your physical cues as you speak and reflect any useful observations back to you in a way only a trained outside observer can.

I use a variety of coaching approaches to help you identify barriers to your goal achievement and use this information to work with you to create action plans. These action plans are documents which outline the steps you will take over agreed-upon periods of time. For Vanguard package clients, I also utilise my demonstrated curriculum development skills to create a custom handout after each session, further facilitating your completion of tasks we’ve agreed upon .

I will check in with you between sessions to see how you are progressing. If you are not meeting your targets by the agreed-upon dates, I will work with you to get to the bottom of what is holding you back.

Absolutely not. My coaching methods do not involve breaking clients down to build them back up again. I do not have a goal of making you cry or hate yourself just to turn around and implant a belief that working with me is the only way for you to feel good about yourself again. This would be totally against my ethics.

I believe that everyone is awesome in their own unique ways and my overall intention is to help clients recognise this within themselves so that they are able to call upon their internal and external resources to achieve any goal they desire.

If you don’t know what your goals are, you are in very good company! Many people who seek out coaching don’t know what it is they are lacking. Words like ‘stagnant’, ‘stuck’, ‘lost’, or ‘overwhelmed’ are often used by clients to describe their current situation. This is where I come in! See ‘what is it you actually do?’ for more info.

Watch my YouTube video on this subject here: Should you see a Life Coach or a Counselor?

While coaching and therapy do have some common characteristics, they are generally quite different in practice. Rather than diagnosing mental health problems or working to heal from past trauma, coaching focuses on outlining action steps toward goal achievement. This means that most clients who seek out coaching are already at a suitable base level of functioning and simply wish to achieve ‘something more’ and get the most fulfilment they can out of life. It is not uncommon for clients to leave a coaching session feeling as if they have made more progress in one hour than they had in years of therapy or counselling. This is not to imply that coaching is a superior approach for everyone. It is simply an illustration of the fact that it is possible for a helping relationship to be mismatched due to a lack of connection or understanding between the two parties involved. In short, sometimes you may think you need a therapist when what you really need is a coach! As a skilled coach, however, I will always refer you to a qualified therapist if your needs are beyond the scope of what coaching offers.

Yes. You can trust that anything you tell me will be kept strictly confidential. I will not share any details of our coaching sessions with anyone. Not your relatives, not your employer, or anyone else.

The only time I would break confidentiality is in the event that you tell me that you are planning to kill yourself or hurt someone else, or if I were subpoenaed by a court. In these situations, I would communicate my concerns to the appropriate authorities or provide any information required by law.

My general preference is to avoid voice-only coaching sessions unless we already have a an established coaching relationship. This is because I only want to give my clients my best work, which can only be done if we can see each other’s faces. So much communication is lost when body language cues are not available. That said, however, I will happily answer any initial questions you have about my services over the phone. I will also check in with you by phone between sessions if you prefer this method over video calling.

I do more than just coach you. I work with you to build a personal curriculum to live a more fulfilling life!

Therefore, to get the most benefit out of my services, it is important to commit to an ongoing coaching relationship. The minimum period for any of my coaching packages is 3 months. Think of this as similar to a university semester but at the end, instead of having completed a mountain of coursework to obtain a qualification, you have taken substantial action toward living a more exciting and fulfilling life! My coaching packages differ in the number and frequency of coaching sessions included as well as additional support offered.

I also offer reduced per person rates for group coaching services. This is something we can chat about further, if you’re interested.

If you would like to customise a package to suit your needs (length of time, specific outcome, etc) we can also discuss this further.

disclaimer: Leslie V. is in no way insinuating that coaching is a replacement for a university education ;D

Absolutely! In fact, I do not accept any form of payment without first conducting a free initial consultation.

In order to determine whether or not my services match your needs, it is essential to have a mutual understanding of what it is you hope to get out of coaching. I can answer your questions over the phone or online (Skype/Zoom), or we can arrange to meet at my studio for a free initial consultation.

For clients paying for packages in installments, I use Pay Advantage. This allows you to break up your payments into easily managed amounts.

I also accept payments by credit card using Square Pay as well as PayPal and direct bank transfer.

I hold sessions online and face-to-face at Level 3/14 Cox Rd. Windsor, QLD.

You can book with me by making an appointment request using the form in the link. State your desired date and whether you prefer a morning or afternoon session and I will get back to you ASAP with my availability.  You will soon be able to book with me directly through my website.

Also feel free to call/SMS me to request an appointment or ask any questions you may have.

No, but you can refer them to me! I do not engage in ambush coaching or interventions. That means that whoever I work with must be a willing participant in the process and not someone who has been brought to see me against their will.

Parents please note: If you wish for your child to work with me, I will gladly talk to both of you about how I may be able to help them. However, if you do decide to enlist my services for your child after this initial discussion, they will be the ones I will cater to. In other words, it is important for you to understand and be comfortable with the fact that it is your child and not yourself who will become my client and be protected by my confidentiality policy.

If you are having thoughts of suicide, please call Lifeline at 13 11 14 (in Australia) or one of the international suicide crisis lines from this Wikipedia page.

If you come to me for help and show signs of a serious mental illness or suicidal thoughts, I will encourage you to see a mental health specialist and I will write you a referral. It would be incompatible with my ethics to work with clients who are in danger of harming themselves or others. If, after a review by a mental health professional, it is determined (in writing) that coaching would be a helpful supplement to other treatment, then I will gladly work with you.

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