Coaching in Polyamory and Ethical Non-monogamy

Enjoy a life of love without limits!

~for couples, singles, and groups~

Have you been working on opening up your relationship? Perhaps you’re considering dating someone who is polyamorous? Whatever the situation, you don’t have to work out the details on your own.

Carefully navigating non-monogamous relationships benefits everyone entering into any open relationship dynamic. It is necessary to develop the communication and relationship-nurturing skills to ensure the ethical treatment of all parties so that everyone involved can truly thrive!

Rather than taking a ‘figure it out as we (I) go’ approach and causing unnecessary hurt, let’s work together to make your non-monogamy journey a healthy and fulfilling one! See my YouTube videos and program description below.

Note, also, that I will never pressure you to engage in a polyamorous relationship if you have any hesitation! I’m not here to ‘sell’ polyamory or to bash monogamy. For some folks, monogamy is absolutely the right choice 💜.


Matteo (my long-distance sweetie) and I on Why We are Polyamorous

Things People Keep Getting Wrong about Polyamory, Part 1

Things People Keep Getting Wrong about Polyamory, Part 2

What Being Polyamorous Has Taught Me

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Program Description

The following are just some of the topics we will explore through our work together. Of course, everyone’s needs are different. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ way to practice ethical non-monogamy, so let’s talk about how we can best work together. Book a free online or in-person consultation here to discuss your needs and to find out more.

The Why

Getting clear on whether non-monogamy is right for you

The What

Understanding non-monogamous dynamics and dispelling common myths

The Who

Understanding who you are, the value you bring, and the humanity and rights of your desired partners

The How

Nurturing healthy non-monogamous relationships: communication, boundaries, ethics, and beyond