Mentorship in Polyamory and Ethical Non-monogamy

Enjoy a life of love without limits!

~for couples, singles, and groups~

Navigating non-monogamous relationships impacts everyone entering into any open relationship dynamic. It is necessary to develop the communication and relationship-nurturing skills to ensure the ethical treatment of all parties so that everyone involved can truly thrive!

Rather than taking a ‘figure it out as we (I) go’ approach, let’s work together to make your non-monogamy journey a healthy and fulfilling one! See my YouTube videos and program modules below.


Matteo (my long-distance sweetie) and I on Why We are Polyamorous

Things People Keep Getting Wrong about Polyamory, Part 1

Things People Keep Getting Wrong about Polyamory, Part 2

What Being Polyamorous Has Taught Me

Program Modules


The What

Understanding non-monogamous dynamic and dispelling common myths


The Why

Getting clear on why you desire non-monogamy


The Who

Understanding who you are, the value you bring, and the humanity and rights of your desired partners


The How

Nurturing healthy non-monogamous relationships:

communication, boundaries, ethics, and beyond

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