Andrea on critical thinking and working in theatre during COVID19 | Brisbane Life Coach Leslie V.

The concept of Critical Thinking has really been having a moment. In the various debates over COVID-related issues, particularly when it comes to vaccination and lockdowns, peoples' ability to see 'the truth' has come into question time and time again. Going in and out of lockdown has had unprecedented impacts on people and businesses across the world, but some industries have been impacted in unique ways. In this video, I'm joined by friend and former co-worker, Andrea McCannon, for a chat about the impact of COVID and lockdowns on the theatre industry, as well as some of the flawed reasoning contributing to these problems. Find Andrea on instagram @andreamcannon_actor Visit to book a free online or in-person life coaching consultation. insta/facebook: leslievcoaching Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe! 🙂

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