Where will my appointment take place?

I offer in-person, online, and phone sessions.

in-person: We will meet at my private office at 91 Commercial Rd. Teneriffe, QLD. This is a quiet space, perfectly set up to speak openly and intimately about potentially challenging topics. This is not a room in my home, it is a space solely dedicated to coaching my face-to-face clients. I don’t hold sessions at cafes or similar, where we might be distracted by the noise of other patrons*. Meeting in public places also puts confidentiality at risk. When there is even a perceived risk of someone overhearing our conversation, it may be uncomfortable to make yourself vulnerable and share your intimate thoughts.

For me, it is extremely important that your information remain private. Anything you say in a session will not be shared with any other group or individual. The only time I would have to break confidentiality would be if you tell me that you are planning on hurting yourself, another person, or an animal. See also: Will everything I say remain confidential?

online: Are you in some far-away land but still want to work together? Or maybe you are in Brisbane, but you wish to fit sessions into a busy work/childcare/study schedule. Well, the good news is that I also conduct many coaching sessions via Zoom! If you have another video-calling platform with which you are more comfortable, I’m happy to adjust.

Now, you might be thinking, ‘Well, that’s all well and good, Leslie, but doesn’t everyone coach online these days? What’s the big deal?‘ I’m glad you asked! My online coaching is more than just a standard video call. My professional background includes extensive experience in training university educators in the use of online platforms and internet communication tools to connect with students and communities across the globe. In terms of what can go wrong on a video call, I’ve seen it all, and I’m always prepared with a backup plan in the face of technical issues so that none of your time is wasted trying to sort things out. More importantly, however, I know how to make the most out of a video session and the features available on Zoom.

Remember, whether you want to meet in-person or online, your first session is free. So, there’s nothing to lose and so much to gain!

*I do offer tea or coffee at every session, so don’t despair 😉

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