What qualifies you to coach people?

In short, my professional experience, education and family legacy are what set my coaching apart.

[see also: about Leslie V.]

My coaching is built on extensive professional experience as a trainer, educator, curriculum developer and workshop facilitator for businesses and universities in Australia, the US, Europe and Asia. In my most recent university role at Queensland University of Technology, I was a member of the Academic Board as the sole representative for the educators in my department. Before launching my private coaching practice, I spent years identifying the skill and performance gaps of students, educators, marketing personnel etc. and actively coaching them to success. In a past role at RMIT Training/RMIT University in Melbourne, I designed and trained staff (domestically and abroad) in the use of an eLearning platform as part of the curriculum development team.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Newcastle. You may be familiar with the concept of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), which is a popular method used in coaching which focuses on how our use verbal and non-verbal language impacts our beliefs and actions. Applied Linguistics is a far more in-depth approach to understanding the intricacies of human communication. Because of my deep connection with language, I do use NLP in my practice, but it is just ONE of the many tools in my coaching arsenal. One particular strength I’ve developed through my linguistics background is that I can immediately identifying the best communication style to use with my clients that will lead to solid results!

I hold a Cert IV in Life Coaching from the Life Coaching Institute of Australia, which is a registered training organisation providing courses recognised and approved by the Australian government. The program comprised 9 units of study focusing on methodologies used in coaching, psychology, counselling and other therapeutic practices. As part of my ongoing professional development, I regularly take part in practice sessions held alongside students of LCIA’s sister-school, the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.

My immediate family members are all in helping professions. My father was a mentor throughout his engineering career and now runs an engineering consultancy in the US. My sister has been a social worker for many years and is now making the transition to become a psychotherapist. My husband, former president of the Australian Parkour Association, has been a student and teacher of philosophy and now teaches Applied Positive Psychology. Our commitment to ongoing examination of the behaviours and perceptions of humans is so strong, in fact, that we named our daughter after the philosophical concept of Qualia: raw sensory perceptions held by individuals that cannot be measured from person to person (think ‘is your Red like my Red?’)

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