If I have a problem, shouldn’t I see a psychotherapist instead? What is the point of coaching?

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While coaching and psychotherapy do have some common characteristics, they are quite different in practice. Rather than diagnosing mental health problems or working to heal from past trauma, coaching focuses on outlining action steps toward goal achievement. This means that most clients who seek out coaching are already at a suitable base level of functioning and simply wish to achieve ‘something more’ and get the most fulfilment they can out of life. It is not uncommon for clients to leave a coaching session feeling as if they have made more progress in one hour than they had in years of therapy or counselling.

This is not to imply that coaching is a superior approach for everyone. It is simply an illustration of the fact that it is possible for a helping relationship to be mismatched due to a lack of connection or understanding between the two parties involved. In short, sometimes you may think you need a therapist when what you really need is a coach! As a skilled coach, however, I will always refer you to a qualified therapist if your needs are beyond the scope of what coaching offers.

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