How much do you charge?

I do more than just coach you. I work with you to build a personal curriculum to live a more fulfilling life!

Therefore, to get the most benefit out of my services, it is important to commit to an ongoing coaching relationship. The minimum period for any of my coaching packages is 3 months. Think of this as similar to a university semester but at the end, instead of having completed a mountain of coursework to obtain a qualification, you have taken substantial action toward living a more exciting and fulfilling life! My coaching packages differ in the number and frequency of coaching sessions included as well as additional support offered.

I also offer reduced per person rates for group coaching services. This is something we can chat about further, if you’re interested.

If you would like to customise a package to suit your needs (length of time, specific outcome, etc) we can also discuss this further.

disclaimer: Leslie V. is in no way insinuating that coaching is a replacement for a university education ;D

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