When you invest in a coaching package, you are committing to taking action toward reaching your goals and living a more fulfilling and values-driven life. I will keep you accountable and I will not let you give up on yourself. Contact me if you would like to customise a coaching package to better suit your needs.

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So, which one are you?


$3399 16 sessions over 5 months

You are venturing boldly into new territories.

You want a dynamic sidekick to keep you focused, motivated and excited

as you evolve into an elevated state of fulfilment.

[read more about the Vanguard package]


$2699 12 sessions over 4 months

You have a goal in mind and want to gather and maintain momentum.

You want a guide to see you through each step of your journey

and celebrate your successes with you.

[read more about the Voyager package]


$1997 9 sessions over 4 months

You are seeking balance and fulfilment in one or more areas of your life.

You want a proactive listener to help outline your goals and keep you

motivated and on-track to achieving them.

[read more about the Visionary package]


  • Packages differ by frequency of sessions and additional support.
  • All packages may be extended at a reduced rate.
  • All prices are shown in Australian dollars.
  • Contact me via email for group coaching rates or if you would like to customise a package to better suit your needs.