I think my friend/partner/child really needs to see a Life Coach. Can I bring them to see you?

No, but you can refer them to me! I do not engage in ambush coaching or interventions. That means that whoever I work with must be a willing participant in the process and not someone who has been brought to see me against their will.

Parents please note: If you wish for your child to work with me, I will gladly talk to both of you about how I may be able to help them. However, if you do decide to enlist my services for your child after this initial discussion, they will be the ones I will cater to. In other words, it is important for you to understand and be comfortable with the fact that it is your child and not yourself who will become my client and be protected by my confidentiality policy. This understanding is crucial to encourage your child to speak openly and gain the most benefit from the coaching relationship.

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