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Date 2024-07-24-2024-07-24
Location91 Commercial Rd. Teneriffe, QLD

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How much do you prioritise fun in your life? Where do you sit on the scale between ‘severely fun deprived’ and ‘insatiable fun-monger™️’? 😊
Let’s talk about it!

Join us in July to discuss The Power of Fun, by Catherine Price!

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Message me to attend in person, as space is limited. Otherwise, join us on Zoom 🙂

This meeting will be facilitated by a full-time Life Coach (yours truly) and former university educator with over a decade of international experience in facilitating discussions across groups from various cultural backgrounds and beliefs. We value inclusivity 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🖤💛❤️✊🏽 and insist on respectful discussion. We are not a ‘positive vibes only’ crew. We invite you to bring your WHOLE self to the discussion! Wanna suss me out ahead of time to see if we’ll ‘gel’? Then feel free to have a snoop here ☺:

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From the book jacket:

When did you last feel exhilarated and light-hearted? When did you last feel fully alive? When did you last have fun?

In our always-on, tech-addicted lives, the pursuit of fun can feel like an indulgence. When it comes to our priorities, fun is often at the bottom of the list.

Award-winning science journalist Catherine Price argues that, far from being frivolous, fun is the key to living a more meaningful, fulfilling and happier life. If your prioritize fun, you will:

  • Be healthier, less stressed and have more energy.
  • Find community and a sense of purpose.
  • Stop languishing and start flourishing.
  • And best of all? You’ll enjoy yourself!

Ground-breaking, eye-opening and packed with useful advice, The Power of Fun won’t just change the way you think, it will bring you back to life.

‘A practical, evidence-backed argument that fun isn’t optional, but essential’ – Charles Duhigg

‘Inspirational, funny, research-packed and full of practical strategies, The Power of Fun is a game-changer’ – Arianna Huffington

At this meetup, we will discuss Price’s insights relating to fun as well as share our own. Love the book? Hate the book? No time to read the book? You’re all welcome.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Kindest regards,

Leslie Crudup Villagarcia
-Your No-Nonsense Life Coach-


Time/Date: Wednesday, 24 July – 6-8pm (doors open from 5:30)
Location: 91 Commercial Rd. Teneriffe, QLD.
On-street parking*
Close to public transport
(5 min. walk from Teneriffe ferry; Closest buses – 393 & 470)
Tea/coffee facilities
Automatic door not opening? Call me at 0491101424
Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!

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