HerStory Women’s Global Empowerment Online Summit

Date 2020-11-28-2020-12-13

Our Global Online Summit begins this Saturday ❤ As the chairperson for Brisbane, I will be hosting the event on the 2nd of December, when speakers in and around Queensland will be featured! I will also be speaking on the following days of the summit:

Sat, 28th of November
Tuesday, 1st of December
Thursday, 3rd of December

My talks will focus on my identity as an Outsider in the context of my upbringing, my polyamorous relationships, my serial-expat lifestyle and my business. Check it out 😉

The summit is an opportunity for speakers and attendees from around the world to be inspired by each other’s stories of triumph and overcoming. The countries included in the summit are as follows:

New Zealand: 28th and 29th of November
Australia: 30th of November to 6th of December
Vietnam: 7th of December
UK/Europe: 8th, 9th, and 10th of December
USA/Canada: 11th, 12th, and 13th of December

For more information about the summit, including times for each event, click here to see the brochure.

Click here to watch a TED talk by our founder, the legendary Getrude Matshe.

Buy day tickets or whole-of-summit tickets here:

HerStory Women’s Global Online Summit Tickets