Beyond monogamy – a primer on navigating ethical open relationships (online workshop)

Date 2021-01-18-2021-07-11
LocationOnline via Zoom

What can be learned from those of us who engage in polyamorous or open relationships? Whether you are simply curious about these lifestyles, considering opening up your own relationship, or seeking tools to strengthen your monogamous relationships, this workshop is for you.

Our discussion will cover topics including:

– Ethical non-monogamy: the basics
– Managing jealousy and insecurity
– Polyamory and open relationship structures
– Dating while married
– Healthy monogamy vs ‘toxic’ monogamy
– Benefits and pitfalls of open relationships
– Starting ‘the conversation’ with your monogamous partner
– Things to consider before ‘coming out’
– ‘Unicorn hunting’ and the associated problems
– Communication! Communication! Communication!

As the Brisbane chairperson for the HerStory Global Women’s Empowerment conference, I am very excited to meet you all on the call and expand the HerStory community!

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