Winter Solstice Festival – Northey Street City Farm

Date 2019-06-22-2019-06-22
LocationNorthey Street City Farm

Workshop: Using The Wheel of Life and self-reflection to achieve fulfilment

Are you feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, or just plain ‘stuck’ in some area of your life? Not sure what to change or how to start? Start here!  

In this interactive workshop, Leslie V. will guide you through an in-depth, personal Wheel of Life assessment using a series of powerful self-reflection questions and coaching techniques. The resulting self-assessment will provide clarity and a valuable framework from which you can begin to outline a clear personal goal as well as an action plan that will lead to success in areas such as self-confidence, relationships, health, career and more.

Join her at 2pm in the People Care tent at this year’s Winter Solstice Festival. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share personal insights throughout the session and will leave with tools and approaches you can immediately put into action on your mission to achieving greater life satisfaction.   

Leslie Crudup Villagarcia is a professional Life Coach who has spent over a decade working as an educator, trainer, curriculum developer and workshop facilitator in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. She now dedicates her professional life to using a no-nonsense approach to empower clients to navigate major life changes and find direction and fulfilment.

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