“I Didn’t Do the Thing Today: Letting Go of Productivity Guilt” by Madeleine Dore | The Vanguard Book Club for Personal Development

Date 2023-10-18-2023-10-18
Location91 Commercial Rd. Teneriffe, QLD

 Are we living in a productivity-obsessed culture? This is a controversial topic in the personal-development world, which some see as a way to separate the ‘winners’ from the ‘losers’. Others, however, see it more as an opportunity for personal fulfillment regardless of outside expectations. So, what impacts (positive and negative) has productivity-culture had on your life? Let’s talk about it!

Join us in October to discuss ‘I Didn’t Do the Thing Today: On letting go of productivity guilt’ by Madeleine Dore.

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[Note: Message me to attend in person, as space is strictly limited! Otherwise, join us on Zoom 🙂]

This meeting will be facilitated by a full-time Life Coach (yours truly) and former university educator with over a decade of international experience in facilitating discussions across groups from various cultural backgrounds and beliefs. We value inclusivity 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🖤💛❤️ and insist on respectful discussion. Wanna suss me out ahead of time to see if we’ll ‘gel’? Then feel free to have a snoop here ☺:

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From the book jacket:
Any given day brings a never-ending list of things to do. There’s the work thing, the catch-up thing, the laundry thing, the creative thing, the exercise ting, the family thing, the thing we don’t want to do, the thing we’ve been putting off (despite it being the most important thing). Even on days when we get a lot done, the thing left undone can leave us feeling guilty, anxious or disappointed.

After five years of searching for the secret to productivity, madeleine Dore discovered there isn’t one–instead, we’re being set up to fail. I Didn’t Do the Thing Today is an inspiring call to take productivity off its pedestal, to embrace the joyful messiness and unpredictability of life.

For anyone who has ever felt the pressure to do more, be more, achieve more, this antidote to our doing-obsession is the permission slip we all need to find our own way.

|’A radical masterpiece. While many books insist on changing your life, this one invites you to expand it.’ – Mari Andrew, author of My Inner Sky |

|’Deep, thoughtful, gently instructive, nourishing.’ – Clare Bowditch, author of Your Own Kind of Girl |

|’Read it and sigh with relief.’ – Hugh Mackay, author of The Kindness Revolution |


At this meetup, we will discuss Dore’s insights on our relationship with productivity and how they may relate to our own lives. As usual, if you don’t get a chance to read the book, you are still encouraged to attend! Message me if you’d like to attend in person, as space is limited. But you can always join us on Zoom as well 😊

Looking forward to seeing everyone !

Time/Date: Wednesday, 18 October – 6-8pm (doors open from 5:30)
Location: 91 Commercial Rd. Teneriffe, QLD.
On-street parking*
Close to public transport
(5 min. walk from Teneriffe ferry; Closest buses – 393 & 470)
Tea/coffee facilities
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